Dig Deeper: Lion's Mane Extract

Lion’s Mane mushroom has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for supporting the brain and neurological health. A well-known nootropic, Lion’s Mane provides nourishment for the brain, crossing the blood-brain barrier to directly support brain cells and nerve growth. Promotes mental clarity, focus, and memory, while supporting immune function.

Our Lion’s Mane Extract combines multiple extraction processes to draw out the beneficial beta-glucans and hericenones that contribute to Lion’s Mane’s nootropic, nerve-growth inducing, cancer-fighting, and immune-enhancing functions.

Our Lion's Mane is sourced locally from Four Star Mushrooms in Logan Square, Chicago, IL.

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To use: as a daily tonic, take 2-3 dropperfuls 1-3 times per day

Ingredients: organically grown Lion’s Mane mushroom (Hericium erinaceus), organic cane alcohol, spring water.

2oz bottle

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