Dig Deeper: Over / Under Bitters

Over / Under Bitters is a bitter formulation inspired by many years of weaving our way through midwest forests, marveling at the many medicinal gifts the forest's over- and understories provide.

Using a combination of classic bittering agents and midwest woodland herbs, roots, and berries, Over / Under Bitters works to support healthy digestion while helping to enhance the liver's ability to flush toxins and inflammatory compounds from our body.

Try Over / Under Bitters Today

To use: 1-2 dropperfuls on your tongue before meals, in an old fashioned or gin-stirred of your choosing, or in a glass of sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon.

Taking bitters 15-20 minutes before a meal ignites the digestive fire, helping with appetite regulation and digestive juice production, ultimately working to relieve gas, bloating, and occasional heartburn.

Key Ingredients*:

  1. Gentian Root — A traditional bitter with an affinity for the digestive system that settles the stomach both physically and emotionally. On an emotional level, it helps with “nerves,” butterflies, and indigestion due to upset and self-doubt
  2. Devil's Club Root Bark — Offering a slightly bitter and earthy foundation for this formula, devil’s club has been traditionally used to remedy respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments as well as inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatism and arthritis.
  3. Fennel Seed — A natural digestive aid and gas reliever, Fennel can be used for a variety of digestive problems including heartburn, intestinal gas and bloating.
  4. Angelica Root — A bitter, warming and invigorating herb that is traditionally used to stimulate appetite, improve digestion, and reduce intestinal gas production. It also protects the digestive tract from harmful bacteria while increasing the production of stomach acid.

— extracted in organic cane alcohol and spring water alongside extractions of burdock root, sarsaparilla root, juniper berry, bitter orange peel, birch bark, anise seed, and fenugreek seed with a touch of local maple syrup.

*Made with organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs from small farms we trust.

2oz bottle

Cautions: Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant or have a gallbladder disease

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.