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A Note on Potency

the tea smoke

and the willow

together trembling

— Issa


As a kid, there was always something about the scene in movies where the hero is invited in from the rain into some wise hermit’s dwelling. Invariably, the hermit would offer the weary traveler some bitter brew to lift their spirits. There was always a magical quality to the vessel, the brew inside, and the spiraling vapor rising above it. Since then, the image of potency that this scene conjures has been linked with nourishment, healing, rest, and of ritual offering to bring oneself back into body.

In this same spirit, we want the herbs to be able to speak their own language. It is our understanding that the taste and feel of specific herbs, when their active constituents are properly extracted, offer a form of healing and insight into the very nature of the herb itself.

Long story short, we do not dilute for flavor, we do not add sweetener to make the tinctures more palatable. We let the herbs speak for themselves.



We prefer liquid extracts over products that are powdered or capsuled. Liquid extracts are easier to absorb and more bio-available than extracts which are processed through high-heat drying. We want our products to be as effective as possible. The effectiveness of any extract is the outcome of how much your body absorbs, not how much you take. Because of the nature of liquid extracts, there is the possibility that use in high doses can agitate those with digestive sensitivities. With dosage, start small, and never exceed the recommended daily amount. A little goes a long way.



Please read ingredients carefully! Know your allergies! Test a product by taking a drop or two and wait 24 hours. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use. Please email us with any concerns.