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Handmade for First Curve Apothecary by Chicago ceramicist, Annie & Paul Stolz. Check out all of her amazing work: Rise and Shine Ceramics

You can use them for all your small bowl related purposes, but we recommend them to sip your tea, to dilute your tincture if the straight up taste is a little much, and to F~E~E~L the ritual of your potion.

To ritualize: Dilute your tincture with no more than 2oz of water (bubbly or not) and take with gratitude and presence. Pay attention to the potion as it moves throughout your body. Feel what it has to offer and how your body interacts. Bring this sensitivity with you as you move into whatever comes next.

  • Sizes vary (~4" x 3") for white/blue base cup – sold out

  • Sizes vary (~3" x 2.5") for green/earth base cup

  • Hand washing recommended for longevity