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If Earth could write a love letter...

It would be written in cursive. The kind of messy scrawl that might very well be illegible, at least to the uninitiated. Stare at it long enough, though, and its words and punctuation start sprouting stems and tendrils—meaning begins to sing with each letter’s curve.

For us, it took some time to remember that Earth is writing a love letter every moment of every day, with a message echoing through all living things, heard by anyone willing to listen.

We hear it most clearly whenever we cross the threshold from parking lot, to field, to forest—where miles of mycelium weave their way through the soil below, where our wandering feet follow the contours of the ground that supports us, where our own breath joins in the endless circle of breath we share with the plants around us.

We are all here to celebrate the shape that life takes, in whatever way possible. At First Curve Apothecary, our way is to translate the medicine of earth for our human communities, by offering herbal preparations to bring us into deeper relationship with our bodies and the curvy earth in which we live.

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