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Plant Walks at Patchwork Farm – 2023

Join myself and fellow plant lovers on an afternoon walk to explore all of the wonderful medicinal plants at Patchwork Farm in Humboldt Park!

"Chicago Patchwork Farms is a collective of farmers and sites across Chicago, with the mission of growing nutritionally dense produce while fostering community for all of our city’s people. We are committed to using regenerative, organic farming practices to grow food with the lowest environmental impact, while creating healthy spaces for native ecology to flourish. Through the use of natural fertilizer, pest management, and perennial polyculture systems we steward our land in a way that provides a healthy home for all our native being friends that sing, buzz, and bloom all around us."

As a result of all the hard work farmers and volunteers have put into the Chicago Ave location, we are fortunate to have a robust space to explore a variety of medicinal plants and their uses to promote health and well-being.

A portion of all proceeds is donated directly to Patchwork Farms.

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Greenspell: Bioregional Herbalism Intensive

Enrollment is closed for 2023, click the 'Learn More' link below to join the waitlist and be notified when applications open for next year's intensive...

A 6-month, in-person intensive in Chicago, IL with an embodied, experiential, and bioregional approach to herbalism.

This course will immerse you in the living language of plant medicine and ecology. We focus on bioregional herbalismactions & energetics in western herbalismherbal medicine makingmateria medica, and community engagement related to the use of herbal medicines to support community health and resilience.

By exploring herbalism from these different perspectives, we will come to a more useful, practical, and foundational understanding of the use of herbs than the common association of “use this herb for that condition”. Working beyond this approach, we will rediscover the overlapping ecologies of organ systems, body, and earth and begin to relearn the power of medicinal herbs and fungi as ‘healers of all life on earth’.

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