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These consultations offer space to deeply explore your health history and wellness goals.

Appointment Types

Initial Intake Consultations are 1 - 1.5 hour sessions, during which we will go in-depth into your health history so that we can develop a clear picture of where you are in your wellness journey. From here, we will begin to lay a foundation for your wellness journey by developing an integrated herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle protocol to support you in addressing your wellness goals.

After our initial intake consultation, you will receive written guidance via email within one week of our meeting that will include any lifestyle, herbal, nutritional, and dietary recommendations discussed. This protocol will include a custom herbal formula and/or tea blend I have prepared for you.

Ongoing Support Appointments are 45 minute sessions offered 4-6 weeks after the initial intake consultation and throughout the course of a package to see how the herbs are working with you, to answer any questions, and to make any adjustments to your initial recommendation. Beyond our first ongoing support appointment, these sessions allow us to check in on your progress, discuss any questions you may have, and explore new concerns and needs your body expresses as you journey through our work together and as the seasons shift.

Written Guidance / Herbal Protocols may include custom herbal tea blends, tinctures, and other preparations. This guidance may also include lifestyle changes, recipes, foods, movement, body work, meditation or reflection practices, and suggestions for how to integrate all practices and herbs into your routine. For each session, I devote roughly 3-5 hours to research related to everything discussed in our session to chose herbs and deliver suggestions that will best support you in your wellness journey.

Why Work with a Clinical Herbalist?

  • To support your body & mind in ways that are holistic, integrative, and effective.
  • To develop a professional relationship with a holistic practitioner who is devoted to your needs and vision for wellness.
  • To work with plants in support of your vitality and well-being while ensuring safety alongside prescription medications and complex health conditions.
  • To receive a comprehensive protocol that is tailored for your body, constitution, and vision for wellness.
  • To learn the best approaches for rekindling a strong relationship with your body and earth.

Consultation Packages & Pricing

I charge $125 for Initial Intake Consultations (90 minutes), and $75 for Ongoing Support Appointments (45 minutes). For most clients, I tend to recommend one or more sessions beyond our Initial Intake Consultation to deliver the most comprehensive herbal care possible. Toward this end, I offer consultation packages with discounted pricing for purchasing multiple appoinments at once. For all new clients, start by booking an Initial Intake Consultation (below) and we will discuss the appropriate package for you at our first session.

Schedule an Appointment

To book an appointment, please click the link below. This link will bring you to our booking page, where you can book your Initial Intake Consultation. Upon booking, you will be asked to briefly describe the primary issues and wellness goals you’d like to address through our work together.

During our first session, we will discuss which consultation package is best for you, as informed by the wellness goals you bring to the session. The cost of the Initial Intake Consultation will be applied toward the full package balance.

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Book a Free 20-minute Intro Session

Book A Free Intro Session

What you'll receive as a client:

• A 1.5 - hour initial intake consultation with herbalist Alex Williams

• Several hours of research outside of our consultation to formulate and prepare your protocol

• A personalized protocol and customized herbal formulas tailored to your specific situation

• 1 - 4 ongoing support appointments to check in and make any adjustments to your protocol (based upon package chosen)

• Ongoing email support (within the limitations of our Email & Phone Policy)


• Case details may be shared with 2 - 3 herbal mentors for professional development purposes only with your consent.

• Package does not include the cost of herbs & supplements. An invoice for your custom formulations will be included alongside your protocol and shipped after payment of herbs is received.

• I comply with HIPAA standards. Your files and any other information you provide will be kept in HIPAA-secure online spaces. Our virtual meeting takes place via a HIPAA-secure online virtual room.

• Payment plans are available. Please let me know if you are interested in a payment plan upon booking.

• Individual consultations can be added at an additional cost on a case by case basis.

What happens after booking your first consultation package?

1. Sign up for Practice Better - After booking and paying for your Initial Intake Consultation, you will receive an invitation to join Alex's secure client management system, Practice Better. It's free and this platform will give you access to the forms and video conferencing tools needed to conduct the consultation.

2. Complete Forms Online - You will be sent two forms to complete before we meet (an informed consent form, and a confidential health history form), which will be stored securely and shared with an herbal mentor only with your consent. These forms must be submitted 48 hours prior to your consultation in order to keep your appointment.

3. Initial Intake Consultation - During our 1.5 hour initial consultation, we will go in-depth into your health history so that we can develop a clear picture of where you are in your wellness journey. From here, we will begin to lay a foundation for your wellness journey by developing an integrated herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle protocol to support you in addressing your wellness goals. I will also recommend an apporopriate consultation package for the wellness goals you bring to the consultation. I may recommend anywhere from 1-4 follow-up sessions.

4. Receive Herbal Protocol - After your session, I devote several hours to go over your case, research, and develop an herbal and lifestyle protocol for you. You will receive this written guidance through Practice Better about a week after our consultation.

5. Purchase Herbs & Supplements - The cost of herbs is not included in your visit. An invoice for your custom formulations will be included along with your protocol and shipped after payment of herbs is received.

6. Ongoing Support Appointments - Along with your recommendations, you will receive an invoice to pay for all follow-up sessions (as discussed in our initial intake). After receipt of payment, you will be able to book your subsequent ongoing support appointments with Alex to check in and see how the herbs are working with you, and make any changes to your protocol.

~ If you are ready to book, please request an Initial Intake Consultation using the 'book now' link below! ~

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Additional Info

In Person Sessions: If you are in Chicago, and would prefer to meet in-person, I offer in-person consultations. For in-person consultations, my home office is located up a flight of stairs. If this is inaccessible to you, please consider a virtual consultation.

Virtual Sessions: I also offer remote online sessions for those who live far away or would prefer not to meet in person at this time. Once you book your package and create an account through Practice Better, you will receive a link to my online consultation room. For virtual consultations you will need a stable internet connection with video capabilities, and a private place to meet during the consultation.

Cancellation Policy: Once you have booked an appointment, I have the time reserved for you in my schedule exclusively for you. Cancellations made up to 48 hours prior to your appointment will be rescheduled without penalty. If you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours prior to your appointment or do not show up to your appointment, you forfeit this consultation booking and no refunds or rescheduling for that missed appointment will be available. See all additional policies, including our refund policy, by following the link in the footer section below.

Free Clinic: available for those who would like to see an herbalist, but do not feel that they can afford the full cost of consultation or consultation package. Click Here to learn more.