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Herbal Apothecary

Our herbal supplements are made in small batches using locally sourced herbs, processed and formulated by a clinical herbalist. Our herbal apothecary highlights herbs local to the Great Lakes Bioregion, with unique formulas that can't be found elsewhere. More than just an online herbal store, we also offer individualized holistic herbal consultations and herbalism courses. Your local source to buy herbs and experience the difference First Curve Apothecary can make.

In following the curve of our intuition into the woods...

we saw how our fungal friends quietly and subtly offer their healing properties to the forest around them, and to us if we simply ask. Taking cue, we were inspired to share our herbal formulas with our own community. Here, we hope to offer place-based herbal preparations that integrate and reflect the overlapping ecologies of body and place. We believe that the process of healing extends beyond ingesting herbs and mushrooms. That the collection, processing, and sharing of our products are not divided from the end result.

At First Curve Apothecary, we want you to be able to taste the place in which you live...

so we use processes specific to the herbs we are working with to extract the full spectrum of active plant and mushroom constituents for the most potent potions possible. When we ingest herbs, we are taking their being into ours. So, we prepare each tincture to ensure the herbs are able to share themselves entirely. Hopefully, we’ll make a new friend in the process.

With this intentional practice in mind, we hand-craft each product in small batches using the highest quality herbs. We source from a combination of local certified organic growers, suppliers, and ethically-minded wildcrafters. All products are 100% natural and safe, produced without chemicals, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or artificial ingredients, preservatives, fragrances, oils, or colors.