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Foundations of Practice

My approach to herbalism is as a partner and guide. I work to encourage and support your relationship with your body while providing lifestyle and herbal recommendations in support of your wellness goals and overall well-­being. I focus on educating you on how to best listen to and guide your body’s innate healing capacity. Your body has inherent wisdom on how to heal and bring itself back to integrity. My intent is to guide you in awakening a sense of partnership with your body so that you may listen clearly to the wisdom your body has to offer, so well-being arises from within.

Individualized Support.

My practice is based on the belief that the human body is a resilient and intelligent ecosystem that is innately self-­healing and that informed lifestyle guidance and properly crafted herbal formulas work together to support the body in its effort to restore vitality and well-being. Every person is physiologically, emotionally, and energetically unique. I will consider your individual constitution and nature and recommend the most appropriate herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle changes specifically for you.

Collaborative Well-Being.

We will work together to look past the wellness goals you’ve created to discover their origins in the body. We will work together to look at your body’s communications as meaningful manifestations of your being and interacting with the world. From this, we will work to discover the meaning of these communications, what they are asking of you, and how we might respond respectfully and in collaboration with our knowing, and self-healing Self.

Grounded in Respect and Care

In the spirit of Nature’s diversity, I welcome all individuals, regardless of race, color, religious or spiritual belief, or cultural background. Queer, trans, and gender-non conforming people and people of all genders, identities, orientations, and experience are welcome and encouraged to take part in this healing work. My practice is grounded in respect and care. This respect and care extends beyond our own relationship, to the plants that constitute the formulas you take, to the wild places and farmers that cultivated these plants, to the soil, water, earth, sky where they grow, and to the more-than-human-world we call home.

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