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from students, clients, & collaborators...

Below are some kind words from people I've worked with over the years.

If you are open to sharing your own experience with me, the link below will take you to a form where you can provide a testimonial. I really appreciate anything you are willing to offer to support my practice and vocation as an herbalist. You may share these words anonymously or not.

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Alex is a gifted herbalist who brings a lot of soul and sensitivity to his practice. The custom tinctures and tea blends he prepared have been nourishing and effective in addressing the root causes of my concerns, and I have always left our sessions feeling extremely cared for in discussing things that can be quite vulnerable. I look forward to working with him and First Curve for years to come!

— Herbal Consultation Client


My time with Alex reminded me of my deep connection with plants – a connection we all have chosen to nurture (or ignore) in different ways. Alex's passion for herbal medicine reignited and helped guide my own connection to herbs. I felt as though my child curiosity was given space to play during the blind tea tastings, while assisting with the business side of things gave me a glimpse into what life is like as a small herbal entrepreneur. Learning from and working beside Alex also gave me the confidence and foundation to begin my own personal herbal pursuits – I'm incredibly grateful for this experience!

— Student, Greenspell Intensive 2021


In working with Alex over the last year or so, what really stands out is his deep care and attention to what I am sharing about my health. It's refreshing to actually feel like a person talking to a fellow human being. During his consultations, he takes the time to ask questions that allow us to get to the root of whatever issue is coming up instead of only addressing symptoms. I also really appreciate the follow up health plans that are specifically tailored to my needs. Sometimes holistic practices can have out of touch language and be abstract, but the health plans lay out clear steps and activities to track how I am feeling and allow me to listen to my body. Specifically, my relationship to food has changed from being solely for energy to having a greater appreciation for what it is I'm ingesting. Steps included a grocery store meditation, journaling, and slowing down when eating. From that I feel I'm getting better sleep, feel more alert throughout the day, and I'm more creative with meals. It's also been really fun learning about the different herbs and their applications and working with Alex to come up with specific blends that aid me in my health journey. I highly recommend working with Alex!

— Herbal Consultation Client

This course provides such a solid foundation of herbal knowledge. One of the most valuable things I learned in this course was how to identify herbal actions of a plant by sitting with and actually experiencing it. It's easy to reference and recite books for this information, but I have learned that in order to truly know a plant and what healing it can offer is to experience it viscerally by tuning into our senses.

— Student, Greenspell Intensive 2021

It's the kind of education I've been searching for too. Learning in community is so much more fun! It's been a highlight of each passing month to learn with your class. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

— Student, Greenspell Intensive 2022

I really enjoyed the tinctures & infusions workshop; it was informative and fun! Alex is very knowledgeable and open to questions; it was a comfortable, welcoming space to learn. I am enjoying the tea I made and can't wait to try the tincture when it's ready!

— Adrienne Q., Workshop Participant 2023

Thank you for all the wisdom you've given our class, over the past months. This has been a truly humbling and insightful experience. I went in expecting to learn herbalism, but I came out having learned more than that: philosophy, spirituality, and a new appreciation of life itself (plus I got some really dope friends out of the deal). I used to be so hung up on "the grind," and having terrible anxiety and depression because of it (among other things), but I see herbalism as my way out, a way to give back to our people, to the Earth.

— Julie R., Student of Greenspell Intensive 2023