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 A bombilla is a type of drinking straw traditionally used to drink maté, a South American caffeinated herbal drink.

We've been using our bombillas to make it a little easier to incorporate herbal tea into our every day rituals, since we no longer have to strain our tea before drinking (the straw does it for us).

These bombillas are reusable and made with stainless steel.

Purchase with an herbal tea of your choice for $2 off!

To use with herbal tea: When you have a bombilla on hand, all you need to do is throw some herbal tea in a jar, pour over hot water, cover, steep, and drop the straw right in when you're ready to drink. Super simple. Plus, once the straw is cool enough to drink out of, you know you've steeped your tea long enough.

  • Sizes vary between 6 and 7" long

  • Hand washing recommended for longevity

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