The name First Curve originated as our first batch of bitters made years ago for our friends and family. Since then, the name has continued to resonate with us as we developed herbal preparations to support ourselves and our community, and honed our foraging practice in the woods. Now, the name First Curve reads to us as a message on a signpost, signaling the very moment we stepped off the beaten path, and into the wild. 

First Curve Apothecary arose as Alex began to stray from the paved path of academia. Inspired by Stef’s steadfast commitment to the health and well-being of her community, Alex stepped into the wild world of herbalism and mycology. Together, we remembered that to live in community and in place is to live in freedom. ‘First Curve’ reminds us to take risks, to not let ourselves become comfortable with the familiar, and to work in a medium that is alive. Now that we have immersed ourselves in that living medium, we’d love nothing more than to share it with you.

Our Mission:

  • To craft herbal products that draw us in to our own bodily ecology while grounding us in the world around us.
  • To encourage vibrant aliveness through the use of herbal preparations and movement, while learning to tune in to our body’s needs and natural cycles.
  • To offer affordable products to ensure that herbal self-care be as accessible as possible.
  • To promote well-being and resilience in individuals and communities so they can afford greater space for living.
  • To create meaningful connections through sharing our herbal products, learning, and knowledge with our community.
  • To provide spaces of learning for our community to develop and learn what our health means to us.
  • To defer ourselves to the fungi and plants, the true healers of the world, while we work to become allies and stewards of the ecosystems in which they thrive.