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Community Apothecary Pop-up 2022!

Our Second Annual Community Apothecary Pop-up is coming up on Sunday, October 9 from 11am - 3pm at the Comfort Station in Logan Square.


  • 11am-12pm  DIY Fire Cider Workshop – Sign Up Here!
    • led by First Curve's house herbalist, alex williams
  • 12:30-1:15pm – Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle Workshop – Sign Up Here!
    • led by SJ Cavé Doi, Full Spectrum Doula and student of First Curve's Bioregional Herbalism Course (@postpartumpartner)
  • 1:45-2:30pm – Yoga with Abigail Hendricks (@abigailouise) – Sign Up Here!

And throughout the event:

  • Our apothecary booth with free and donation-based herbal remedies for Fall and Winter wellness
    • made by the 2022 cohort of our Bioregional Herbalism Course
  • Hot tea & cider
  • Free zines with art, reflections, herbal practices & recipes
  • Tarot readings with Karena Anderson Rodriguez (@ladyksapotheca)

Feel free to come by for a workshop or two, or just throw down a blanket and mingle with us through the whole event!

This yearly pop-up supports our ongoing efforts to provide more accessible herbal remedies and education, empowering community members to engage with herbal medicines and wellness practices to support their health and cultivate preventative self-care.

This event is entirely non-profit and donation-based. No one turned away for lack of funds. To learn more about how we allocate our proceeds from this event, keep on scrolling!

Come for the whole thing or just stop by for a warm toasty herb infused apple cider! We'll be adjacent to the Logan Square Farmer's Market so make sure to stop by after you get your groceries for the week!


First Curve's Community Apothecary is a community outreach program that utilizes circular economy practices to connect with urban foragers, local urban farms, and community gardens within Chicago.

Collaborating with these plant folx allows us to share in the abundance of wild and weedy medicinal plants, which we tend, harvest, process, extract, and offer back to the community as herbal remedies at an accessible and sliding-scale price.

The Community Apothecary also offers students of our Bioregional Herbalism Course the opportunity for plant connection and community engagement. Through the community apothecary students are able to connect with plants throughout their growth cycle, learning to harvest, process, extract for medicine, formulate, blend, bottle, and eventually guide community members as to which herbal remedies will best support them. This gives students the opportunity to learn about the practice of bioregional herbalism through each step of the process, and to empower community members to engage with herbal healing within their own communities in their own way, and in relationship with the plants around them.

Finally the Community Apothecary supports and subsidizes our Herbal Free Clinic which provides no-fee consultations and a discount on herbal teas and tinctures for individuals who may not be able to afford the full price of a private consultation.

Scroll down for more information on past events and how we've allocated proceeds in the past.

Bi-annual Community Apothecary Pop-ups

We also hold at least two pop-ups per year. Our first on Nov. 6, 2021 at Chicago Patchwork Farms went off without a hitch! There was a lively fire cider making workshop, a community apothecary stand with sliding-scale herbal remedies, yoga, free zines, delicious and toasty herb-infused apple cider, and more!

We hold these pop-ups twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring to support and gather our community around our plant friends and allies.

These pop-ups further support our efforts to provide more accessible herbal remedies and education for our community, empowering community members to engage with herbal medicines to support their health and cultivate preventative self-care.


Earnings from each 'season' (fall/winter & spring/summer) of our Community Apothecary are allocated in several ways, with portions going to:

Patchwork Farms for hosting the event.

• Other farms, gardens, & foragers we work with throughout the season.

• A scholarship fund for First Curve's Bioregional Herbalism Course

• Supporting the costs of running the program

• Local community empowerment initiatives. This year we donated to Assata's Daughters & Chi-Nations Youth Council

The Fall / Winter Community Apothecary Season closed on 2/15/22. We are proud to announce that we were able to raise:

• $250.63 for Patchwork Farms

• $584.00 for Assata's Daughters

• $187.97 for Chi-Nations Youth Council

• Enough to award two $400 scholarships for the 2022 session of First Curve's Bioregional Herbalism Course.

• All remaining proceeds from the Community Apothecary go to costs of running the program, the herbal Free Clinic and a scholarship fund for our Bioregional Herbalism Course.

As an initiative, we are still growing, and we are working to develop relationships with more local urban farms, urban foragers, and community gardens. If you, or someone you know is interested in supporting this project, please reach out to

Images by Cameron Sand