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As part of my mission to promote well-being and resilience in individuals and communities, and increase accessibility for herbal self-care, I offer a limited number of free consultations per month to support those in need.

The Herbal Free Clinic provides no-fee consultations and a discount on herbal products for individuals who may not be able to afford the full price of a holistic herbal consultation.

At present, all free-clinic consultations are held online, via zoom. I offer these no-fee consultations on the honor system.

Free Clinic Booking Request

If you would like to see an herbalist to support your wellness journey, and do not feel that you can afford the cost of a holistic herbal consultation, please click the link below to request a free clinic package.

This link will bring you to our free clinic booking page, where you will be asked to choose a date and time for our first consultation, and to briefly describe the primary issues and wellness goals you’d like to address through our work together.

There are limited spots available each month, and I want to ensure they go to those who need them. If you are able to afford the cost of a holistic herbal consultation, please book here, as paid clients support a higher availability of spots for the free clinic. If you are not interested in a consultation but would like to support the Free Clinic, please consider donating.

If no times are available in a given month, that means all free clinic spots have been filled for the month. Please choose another month to book your spot.

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What you'll receive as a client:

• A 1-hour consultation with herbalist Alex Williams

• A personalized protocol tailored to your specific situation, including recommendations on customized herbal supplements.

• Up to 3 visits at no charge (Initial consultation + 2 follow-up visits)


• Case details may be shared with 2 - 3 herbal mentors for professional development purposes only with your consent.

• The cost of herbs or other supplements is not included, but offered at a 15% discount for Free Clinic clients. I will be conscious of your budget when making recommendations and can usually recommend low-cost accessible options.

• You will need a stable internet connection with video capabilities, and a private place to meet during the consultation.

• I comply with HIPAA standards. Your files and any other information you provide will be kept in HIPAA-secure online spaces. Our virtual meeting takes place via a HIPAA-secure online virtual room.

What happens when you are accepted into the Free Clinic?

1. Sign up for Practice Better - You will receive an invitation to join Alex's secure client management system, Practice Better. It's free and this platform will give you access to the forms and video conferencing tools needed to conduct the consultation.

2. Complete Forms Online - You will be sent two forms to complete before we meet (an informed consent form, and a confidential health history form), which will be stored securely and shared with an herbal mentor only with your consent. These forms must be submitted 3 days prior to your consultation in order to keep your appointment.

3. 1-hour Online Herbal Consultation - During our consultation, we will go through your health history and wellness goals, so we can develop a clear picture of where you are at on your wellness journey. During this consultation, we will book your follow-up session if desired/recommended.

4. Receive Herbal Protocol - After your session, I devote several hours to go over your case, research, and develop an herbal and lifestyle protocol for you. You will receive this written guidance through Practice Better about a week after our consultation.

5. Purchase Herbs / Supplements - The cost of herbs is not included in your visit, but I do offer a 15% discount for Free Clinic clients on custom formulations. An invoice for your custom formulations will be included along with your protocol and shipped after payment of herbs is received.

6. Follow-up Visits - After you receive your recommendations, you are welcome to up to two follow-up visits with Alex to check in and see how the herbs are working with you.

~ If you are ready to request a free clinic appointment, please request an appointment using the 'book now' link below! ~

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