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  • A strange fungal friend, Chaga’s many virtues are drawn from a hardened mass of mycelium known as a sclerotia, which looks like the charred remains of wood on the side of a birch tree.

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    2oz bottle

  • Chaga is a highly sought after and untamable fungus. It only grows in the wild. When harvested properly, the fungus is cut from the tree without gouging into the wood, making it possible for the chaga to regrow to a harvestable size within around 5 to 6 years.

    Due to the popularity of this "mushroom" there have been many instances of improper and unsustainable harvesting practices that do not respect the living context in which Chaga thrives.

    We only source from foragers who practice ethical wildcrafting practices. Our current source of Chaga is certified organic by Ecocert, the organization that administers organic certification in Canada, where our Chaga is harvested. According to Ecocert's harvest guidelines, harvests are restricted both geographically and seasonally. Harvesters work within a 60-mile radius surrounding Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick, allowing Ecocert to monitor the health of this ecosystem and adjust harvesting regulations as needed to protect it. Mushrooms are only collected during a narrow winter window, giving the conks time to mature throughout the rest of the growing season.

    Because of the limitations of purchasing ethically harvested chaga, stock of our Chaga Extract may be inconsistent. Chaga will only be available in our online shop when we are able to source from trusted foragers and wildcrafters.

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Jake B
Awesome Product

I love chaga but don’t always love to do my own decoction as it’s time consuming. So when I found this local-made product at Sugar Beet Co-op I had to try it. Turns out I love it! I can keep it on me and have my immunity boost in my pocket! I shoot it straight or in a little water. All good. Looking forward to sticking w this product.