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  • With a combination of stimulating and central nervous system supporting herbs, Dayworld Tonic will help to clear the fog and promote memory, lucidity, and focus.

    In the long term, these herbs will help to support sustainable energy levels without the a crash, while orienting your day towards a focused and present flow.

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Alertness and cute packaging!

I have chronic fatigue as well as other conditions that leave me feeling exhausted even after getting a full nights rest and the Dayworld tonic over time has been making it easier for me to wake up and I’m less reliant on medications and caffeine to get me going. I take it directly under my tongue and also put some in my water to sip throughout the day and it helps me be more alert and productive than I was before without it. I’m so thankful this exists!

Use to be addictive to caffeine

I work in an extremely fast pace environment where there is a lot of pressure on my shoulders to deliver and delivery accurately. That’s where my addiction to caffeine stems from.
This product has changed my life. Changed the chemistry of my reaction to stress, changed my ability to focus and stay focus. I feel like I am able to focus longer and articulate myself better with this product. I cannot rave about it enough. It has in turn given me confidence and gotten rid of that constant brain fog. I am more focused, more present and I don’t drink any form of caffeine on a day to day basis anymore. All thanks to this product.

Tiara M.
Truly love it

I’m making the move towards less coffee drinking through the day as I am prone to migraines & well… my coffee consumption exacerbates that. After my one cup of coffee for the day & breakfast I take two drops of Dayworld Tonic and go about my work! It helps me to open my mind up for the day. If I feel a drop off in my focus late afternoon I’ll get up, do some stretchies, & give myself another two drops of Dayworld instead of reaching for another cup of coffee!