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  • The name is only partially inspired by the Devo song, ‘Gut Feeling’, and you’re more than welcome to sip it alongside that tune… although Debussy might be more fitting for this smooth, delightfully gut soothing tea.

    Our gut health herbal tea is a blend of floral and grassy herbs that supports healthy digestion and overall gut health. These herbs have been used traditionally to help soothe gut mucosa, mend damaged tissues, and improve digestive function, with aromatics like peppermint, chamomile, and fennel to ease gas and bloating.

    A great evening tea especially after a... r o b u s t ...meal.

    “something about the way you taste” - Devo

    Vibe: clearing, restoring, grassy

    50g / 1.8oz pouch

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Brownlow
Perfect Tea for a Healthy Gut

This is probably my favorite First Curve tea! It makes a for a perfect after-dinner beverage. It has a great flavor and supports the digestive process.

Adrianna D.
Loveee it!

I first got "cool wave" at a store while on vacation, and once I started running low, immediately had to find the online store and buy all the different tea options. They're all wonderful-- my favorite teas I've ever had! Gut feeling really is so nice for your belly whether you're feeling under the weather or not!

Darcy Richardson

Gut Feeling Herbal Tea