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  • Along with my worn denim shirt, this potion is a part of my daily regimen. Packed with balancing, nourishing and vitalizing herbs, Immunity Tonic offers a daily tonic formula which helps to build immunity from the inside out, promote increased and balanced energy levels, and encourage a vibrant sense of presence.

    A tonic that braces us for anything the modern world throws at us, Immunity Tonic can help us navigate the varied realms of stress and pollution that are all too familiar to urban and rural dwellers alike. Take with attention, and go forth into the day!

    Considerations: Consult with your healthcare practitioner before use during pregnancy. Contraindicated in those with sensitivity to plants within the nightshade family. Eleuthero root can be stimulating for some, avoid using before bed if you find this blend overly stimulating.

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    2oz bottle

Customer Reviews

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Frances Kane

Immunity Tonic

Ryan Brownlow
A Daily Boost for the Winter Months

I have been taking a few droppers full of this tonic each day for a couple of weeks now, and appreciate the fortifying zing each dose provides. The flavor has grown on me, too!

Madeline Gallucci

Immunity Tonic

Just Right

This immunity potion is part of a healthful routine that began with the pandemic. I take it regularly and supplement with Weather Feather whenever I'm feeling congested or foggy.

Josie Berg-Hammond
Keeping me healthy!

I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I’ve been putting a dropper in my water glass every morning for months and I’ve barely had a sniffle all winter! This will definitely be a part of my daily routine from here on out.