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  • Everyone has their own bedtime ritual. Underworld Potion is formulated as an ally to initiate you into a place of rest and renewal and to guide you through the depths of the underworld.

    A small amount supports a necessary unwinding from the day’s productive work and encourages a reflective transition into the realm of sleep, where we can turn away from the news of the world to steep in the dreamtime of the cosmos.

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    2oz bottle

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
rebecca himelstein

Underworld Potion


I bought one for my aunt who loves this stuff and recently got a request from her to buy one for my grandma so you know it’s good if your aunt wants one for her mom! 5 stars!

Emily R.
Great alternative to melatonin

I feel like I sleep a little deeper and wake up easily without any grogginess.

Underworld Tonic

I’ve only used underworld 4 times so far, but I’ve had good results! I have to use 2 dropper fulls to notice any effects. Makes me feel relaxed, and I seem to be in a “deeper” sleep when I’ve taken the tonic before bedtime. Would recommend to others!


I like my purchase, thank you. As a consumer it would be helpful to have the recommended dosage included on the label so I don't have to refer back to the online listing. Hope you are well! :)

Hey Charlotte,

Thanks for the feedback and we're happy you like the potion! We recently updated all of our labels to include dosage recommendation and function. Underworld Tonic was the last product to make this transition, so hope you forgive the old label.

Stay well and breathe deep!