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  • Village Green is a mineral-rich, nourishing and digestion-soothing blend of wild weeds and nutrient-dense herbs to help keep you hydrated and naturally energized, without the caffeine.

    Drink it right in the morning, or if you are feeling worn out in the afternoon. Mix this one with green, oolong, black tea or yerba mate if you still want some caffeine (these herbs help to loosen the caffeine 'edge' when mixed with tea).

    Vibe: nourishing, awakening, opening

    50g / 1.8oz pouch

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Megan E.
Delicious and Nutritious

This blend is sooooo delicious. I’m super into herbs and have been drinking my own tea blends and blends of many an herbalist for over a decade. This one is of the best I’ve had. I will be ordering regularly!

favorite everyday tea

Village Green is my #1 go-to option for tea, and has become an everyday staple in our home. It's slightly fruity but not sweet; it's delicious both hot and cold. I feel good knowing the ingredients were sourced ethically and with love. My favorite tea!