WEATHER FEATHER | immune boost

WEATHER FEATHER | immune boost

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Weather Feather is here in the darkest hours of the year to bring lightness to this season of slowness and inward focus. An herbal ally to assist you when the cold weather has taken its toll. Immune boosting echinacea root and flower combined with the balancing powers of elderberry, eleuthero and licorice, and the warming qualities of ginger and cinnamon. Use it only when you need it, then share it with your friends to lift them up with you!

To use: when feeling buried under the snow, or otherwise under the weather, take 1-2 droppers full, 3 times a day. Stop use when the fog has lifted.


  1. Echinacea Purpurea Root* — General immune booster that also happens to increase saliva, which pH corrects the mouth and throat to support healthy boundaries against microbes and sickness. When saliva and a healthy mucosal layer coat the throat, microorganisms will have a harder time penetrating tissue and moving into the body.

  2. Elderberry* — An immune-boosting food that can be taken as medicine at the first sign of illness. Elderberries work by inhibiting viral replication, so they are best consumed at the very first sign of illness or just after a known exposure to someone who is sick.

  3. Eleuthero Root* — Indicated for those with fatigue, physical weakness, compromised immunity or poor work capacity and concentration. Displays anti-stress activity and supports physical endurance.

  4. Licorice Root* — A demulcent that improves the health of the mucosal layer (immune barrier) and instantly soothes discomfort in the throat. Additionally soothes and protects the digestive tract to balance out other ingredients that prompt you to release stomach acid.

  5. Ginger Root* — Mediates the immune and allergic response, warms the lungs, increases blood supply to the respiratory tract to bring in innate immunity and help resolve respiratory ailments.

  6. Cassia Cinnamon Bark* — A warming demulcent that helps to resolve nausea and promotes healthy circulation, has the ability to fight off viruses and pathogenic invasions and soothe sore and inflamed tissues such as a sore throat.

    — all extracted in organic cane alcohol and local spring water.


Available in 2oz bottles